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Dorian (aka "Pact With the Devil")

A young man makes a pact with the devil in which he thwarts his aspirations in exchange for eternal youth and fast fortunes. Inspired by "The Picture of Dorian Gray," by Oscar Wilde.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Allan A. Goldstein

Writer(s) - Peter Jobin, Ron Raley

Cast - Victoria Sanchez, Ethan Erickson, Malcom Macdowell

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier and executive producers

Distributor(s) - Moonstone Entertainment, Remstar Distribution, Starmedia Home Entertainment (Germany)

Release Date - 2001

Synopsis - In this modern re-telling of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, a male model who enjoys fame, wealth and an endless supply of lovely women, worries about losing his looks until the devil's agent (Malcom Macdowell) offers him eternal youth--at the cost of his soul.

Release Data:
German video premiere in 2004 and U.S. DVD debut on Feb. 17, 2004. It was also seen in England, Germany, Canada and Brazil.

Critic's Kudos:
Your Video Store Shelf reviewer: "What the movie has going for it is a smart production. They had a very modest budget to work with, but it’s covered up well. There are only a few key locations that the movie is shot in, but they’re all dressed up wonderfully. The directing by Goldstein is above average. My favorite part is the excellent soundtrack, which brings plenty of hard house and rap to the table."

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Director: Allan A. Goldstein (won Toronto Film Festival's Best Canadian Film Award and the Vancouver International Film Festival's Most Popular Canadian Film Award for 1988's The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick; also helmed 2001: A Space Travesty, Death Wish V: The Face of Death, Memory Run, True West, Chaindance, The Snake King, American Playhouse: True West and Black Out).

Writer: Peter Jobin (nominated for Gemini Award for the TV series Friday the 13th; also wrote High Explosive, Happy Birthday To Me, Queen's Messenger, She and Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express) and Ron Raley (won Camie Award for The Locket; also wrote Edge of Sanity, Cupid and Cate and The Runaway).

Starring Malcolm McDowell (nominated for Golden Globe Award for A Clockwork Orange and for a Saturn Award for Time After Time; also appeared in If, Star Trek: Generations, The Company, In Good Company, O Lucky Man, Hidalgo, Poor Cow; Caligula, Blue Thunder, Halloween, Doomsday, I Spy, Bolt, 20 episodes of Metalocalypse, 13 episodes of Fantasy Island, 13 episodes of Wing Commander Academy, nine episodes of Heroes, seven episodes of Entourage, six episodes of Superman, five episodes of Our Friends in the North and 147 other films and TV projects); Ethan Erickson (Jawbreaker, The In Crowd, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fear Runs Silent, Two Bits & Pepper, 25 episodes of Fashion House, five episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and four episodes of General Hospital) and Victoria Sanchez (Mambo Italiano, Satan's School for Girls, This is My Father, Undressed, Noel, P.T. Barnum, St. Jude, 50 episodes of Student Bodies, three episodes of This is Wonderful, three episodes of Tales From the Neverending Story and 22 other movies and TV projects).

Cast includes Ron Lea (won Best Supporting Actor Gemini Award for Street Legal, nominated for 2008 Gemini for Victor; appeared in Saw IV, The Recruit, The Sentinel, At Home at the End of the World, Jesus of Montreal, Criminal Law, Race to Mars, 51 episodes of Street Legal, 18 episodes of Wind at My Back, 10 episodes of Doc, seven episodes of The Best Years, six episodes of This is Wonderful, four episodes of The State Within and 107 other films and TV projects); Jennifer Nitsch (won Bavarian TV Award and Adolf Grimme Award for Nur Eine Kleine Affäre; appeared in Death Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express and 47 German films and TV projects); Karen Cliche (2007 Gemini Award nomination for The Business; also appeared in Heist, Riders, Race Against Time, Wrong Number, Stiletto Dance, 26 episodes of Vampire High, 22 episodes of Mutant X, 22 episodes of Adventure Inc., 21 episodes of Flash Gordon, 13 episodes of Young Blades, seven episodes of Undressed, six episodes of The Business and five episodes of Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension); Amy Sloan (The Aviator, The Day After Tomorrow, Gothika, Timeline, Head in the Clouds, The Heartbreak Kid, Gleason, 11 episodes of Big Shots, six episodes of Gilmore Girls and 32 other movies and TV projects); Carl Alacchi (The Day After Tomorrow, The Terminal, Cosmos, The Peacekeeper, Isn't She Great, Hollow Point, The Last Casino, Bonanno: A Godfather's Story and 41 other movies and TV projects) and Christoph Waltz (won six major German awards and three other nominations; appeared in Queen's Messenger, Falling Rocks, Ordinary Decent Criminal, She, and Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express, four episodes of The Gravy Train Goes East and 82 other German films and TV projects).

Executive producer: David Brian Moore (Pure, Out in Fifty, Exposé and Hostile Takeover).

Producers: Charmaine Carvalho (When Justice Fails and Bright Nights, Dark Days); Christine Kavanagh (won CableACE Award for The Sound of Silence; also produced Island of the Dead, One Eyed King, Home Team, The Magic of Marciano); Allan A. Goldstein (won Toronto and Vancouver Film Festival Best Canadian Film awards for The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick; also produced Rooftops and When Justice Fails); Maria Rohm (associate produced Queen's Messenger, The Sea Wolf, High Adventure, Black Arrow, Edge of Sanity and Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express); Luciano Lisi (One Eyed King, In Pursuit, Island of the Dead, The Magic of Marciano, Ladies Room, Home Team and The Sound of Silence) and Harry Alan Towers (nominated for 1980 Best Picture Genie Award for Klondike Fever; also produced Cry The Beloved Country, Ten Little Indians, The Brides of Fu Manchu, Fanny Hill, High Explosive, The Mangler, The Hitman, Owd Bob, 22 episodes of Lilli Palmer Theatre, eight episodes of Dial 999, seven episodes of ITV Television Playhouse, four episodes of Tales From Dickens and 88 other films and TV projects).

Original Music by Larry Cohen (Diamond Dogs, Spill, When Justice Fails, Home Team and Loss of Faith).

Cinematography by Eric Moynier (The Boynton Beach Bereavement Club, Sueño, The Snake King, Laserhawk, The Chosen One and C'est Pas Moi, C'est l'autre).

Film Editing by Benjamin Duffield (Vampire High, Big Wolf on Campus, These Girls, Banshee, Undressed, Infected and Black Coffee).

Production Design by Csaba András Kertész (2001: A Space Travesty, A Diva's Christmas Carol, Stranger in the House, Marked Man, The Wrong Woman, Decoys, Nowhere in Sight and Death Wish V: The Face of Death).

Costume Design by Nicole Pelletier (five Genie Award nominations, winning for Les Plouffe; also costumed 2001: A Space Travesty, God Bless the Child, To Walk With Lions, Dead Innocent, The Intruder, Federal Protection, 13 episodes of Urban Angel, 10 episodes of The Hitchhiker, five episodes of The Hunger and 53 other movies and TV projects).

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