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Rescue Dawn

Rescue Dawn Grosses $35.1 Million in Theatres, Foreign and DVD, Plays 12th Film Fest

Werner Herzog's RESCUE DAWN, which has been a critical and audience hit at film festivals around the world, opened in New York and Los Angeles on July 4, 2007. After 13 weeks of North American theatrical release, it had received positive reviews from 90% of 140 critics--grossing $5.5 million in fairly limited release (6-505 screens). New York Times critic Matt Zoller Seitz effused: "Rescue Dawn is a marvel: a satisfying genre picture that challenges the viewer’s expectations."

Through Dec. 7, the film had added $1,686,720 in 18 territories and had a DVD rental gross of $27.89 million (a whopping 507.9% of domestic boxoffice). Worldwide theatrical gross stood at $7,177,143. Through Dec. 7, 2008 Rescue Dawn had brought in nearly $35.1 million in worldwide theatrical and U.S. DVD.

It had healthy runs in UK/Ireland/Malta, (where it grossed $554,373 in 17 weeks), Australia, $491,626 in eight weeks), Brazil ($132,380 in 14 weeks), the United Arab Emirates $133,770 in 25 days) and Kuwait ($97,652 in two weeks).

On Nov. 22, 2009, it was due to screen at its 12th international film fest, Greece's thessaloniki International Film Fest. As of Nov. 18, 2009, RESCUE DAWN has played on theatre screens in 21 countries and on DVD in six (Norway, Russia, Greece, Argentina, Germany and Japan [June 3, 2009]).

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