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Playing with an ouija board at a party, a young woman accidentally summons the spirit of a dead ax murderer.

Genre - Genre Classics

Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - Kevin Tenney

Writer(s) - Kevin Tenney

Cast - Tawny Kitaen, Todd Allen, Stephen Nichols and Kathleen Wilhoite

Blue Rider's Role - Executive producer Walter Josten,

Distributor(s) - Starz (U.S.) and MGM (international)

Release Date - 1987

Synopsis - A witchboard becomes a doorway to the supernatural when an evil, demonic spirit is unleashed and terrorizes a small community. Intrigued by the board at a party, Linda (Tawny Kitaen) unknowingly calls up the spirit of a dead ax murderer, Malfeitor, who rekindles his "fascination" with blades. Linda's boyfriend Jim (Todd Allen), suspected of being responsible for the gruesome deaths, must find a way to return the evil spirit to its resting place before it completely takes over the soul of his unsuspecting girlfriend.

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