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A space visitor lands in seventh-century Viking Norway, accidentally bringing with him a monster who threatens the entire Norse society. He joins with the Norsemen to fight the deadly creature.

Genre - Sci-Fi

Director(s) - Howard McCain

Writer(s) - Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain

Cast - Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston , Ron Perlman and John Hurt

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Distributor(s) - Alliance Films (North America), Momentum Pictures (UK), Wild Bunch (oveseas), Hai Le (Taiwan)

Release Date - 2009

Synopsis - Kainan, a space visitor who crash-lands among the majestic fjords of a seventh century Norwegian Viking village, unwittingly brings with him a murderous monster from another world--called The Moorwen. As the Moorwen ravages the Viking world, Kainan forms an unlikely alliance with the fierce, primitive Norse warriors. Kainan and the Vikings apply advanced technology to Iron Age weaponry in their desperate attempt to kill the monster, before it destroys everyone.

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