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Then She Found Me

Then She Found Me Wins Awards, Grosses $8,433,048, Worldwide, Does Well on DVD

Helen Hunt's directorial debut, "Then She Found Me," won the prestigious Audience Award at the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival. Then, at ShoWest 2008, Hunt was selected Breakthrough Director of the Year.

After a remarkable 143 days in North American theatres (through 9/14), it had grossed $3,735,303 and was still playing on three screens. For 13 weeks it ranked in the top 40 among films in theatres. Its widest release was on 153 screens.

As of December 11, 2010 its total worldwide gross, excluding DVD, was $8,433,048, and its foreign gross in 29 markets was $4,697,331. In Spain, it grossed $493,002 in six weeks. In 11 weeks in the Britain/Ireland/Malta market it brought in $211,111. In New Zealand/Fiji it grossed $431,980 in five months. In Mexico it brought in $159,322 in eight weeks. In Chile it brought in $26,738 in 18 days. The four-month gross in Italy was $940,111. And in Brazil it grossed $189,253 through August 6, 2010.

Then She Found Me was released on North Amereican DVD/Video on September 2, 2008, and after five days it was the fifth-most rented title in the country. After 12 weeks it still ranked #50 (as of Nov. 23, 2008). And, as of the same date, it still ranked #7 on on Video Business's Top Limited Theatrical Rentals chart. On April 23, 2009, in its eighth month of release, it ranked #98 on Amazon.com's chart of Family Life Dramas.

Through July 10, 2009, Then She Found Me had grossed $1,438,126 in a 15-week screening in Australia, and it did $940,111 in four months in Italy. It did $156,443 in nine weeks in the Netherlands.

It has bowed on DVD in Finland, Germany and U.K. and on Hungarian TV.

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