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Back in the Day

During a crime, a young man accidentally murders a preacher and then falls in love with his daughter.

Genre - Drama

Executive Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - James Hunter

Writer(s) - James Hunter and Michael Raffanello

Cast - Ja Rule, Tatyana Ali, Giancarlo Esposito, Ving Rhames, Joe Morton and Pam Grier

Blue Rider's Role - Executive Producers and bridge financiers

Distributor(s) - First Look International, DEJ Productions, Casablanca Filmes (Brazil), Paramount Home Entertainment (Spain), PlazaVista Entertainment (Switzerland) and VCL Communications and Warner Home Video (Germany)

Release Date - 2005

Synopsis - In this urban crime drama, a young man gets involved with an old friend who is recently released from prison and participates in the murder of a preacher. Later, he falls in love with the preacher's daughter. Ultimately, he must choose between his friend and all the things he holds dear.

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