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Who's Your Caddy?

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A successful golfer/rapper schemes to change the racial-exclusion policies of a whites-only country club where his father once worked.

Genre - Comedy

Director(s) - Don Michael Paul

Writer(s) - Bradley Allenstein, Robert Henny and Don Michael Paul

Cast - Big Boi, Samantha Lamole, James Avery and Jeffrey Jones

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Distributor(s) - MGM, Dimension Films and The Weinstein Company

Release Date - 2007

Festival screening and release date:
Who's Your Caddy played at the June 23, 2007 Urbanworld Film Festival and it made its U.S. and Canadian theatrical debut on July 27, 2007.

Box Office Results:
Who's Your Caddy opened in 1019 theatres and was the 10th-ranked movie in the U.S., grossing $2.8 million in its first week of release. It played for four weeks, grossing $5.5 million in North America.

DVD Rental Revenue:
After its sixth week in release (Dec. 31, 2007-Jan. 6, 2008), the DVD had grossed $10.0 million in rental revenues and ranked #44 in the U.S. In its opening week it ranked #19, grossing $2.41 million. In its 35th month of release (as of Oct. 8, 2010), the DVD still ranked #4 on Amazon's list of best-selling golf DVDs and #31 among urban comedies.

Critics' Raves:
John Anderson,Newsday:
"In the hilarious and good-natured golf-and-hip-hop comedy "Who's Your Caddy?" a rap producer [has] enough money to buy an upper-crusty country club that wants to keep him out; [he] and a bunch of friends are sickly funny enough to send the existing membership into cardiac arrest. Who's Your Caddy?" -- a movie far more indebted to "Caddyshack" than to W.E.B. DuBois--is smart enough to play for belly laughs.

"As good as he is, [Jeffrey] Jones can do this role in his sleep. Antwan Andre "Big Boi" Patton (half of the music phenomenon Outkast) is an actor with a huge cache of innate charisma. Where 'Caddy' really shines is in the supporting comedy ensemble, which acts like a demented Greek chorus, tossing out bits of incongruous dialogue that hit the funny bone more often than not. Faizon Love and his accompanying acreage are consistently funny, as are Sherri Shepherd and Finesse Mitchell, a man who has a way with a non sequitur. And just for gratuitous pleasure, the movie takes a swing at golf, a sport with a long history of tolerating restricted courses and bad attitudes. For the PGA, 'Caddy' will be like sitting on a golf tee."

James Diers,E Online: "If you thought the Caddyshack soundtrack would've been better with less Kenny Loggins and more Li'l Wayne—or if you thought Soul Plane didn't have enough golf in it—then writer-director Don Michael Paul has got your number. Cribbing more than a few elements from the classic, oft-quoted caddy comedy and retooling them in a broad culture-clashing redux, he's created a summer movie trifle that's somehow shamelessly derivative and genuinely amusing at the same time. Who's Your Caddy? knows it's low-brow and ridiculous, and that's why it mostly works. Faizon Love, Sherri Shepherd and Finesse Mitchell deliver some laugh-worthy screwball barbs. Big Boi's character is a smart, wealthy and charming protagonist, but he also drives a golf cart with 20-inch spinners." review: "Who's Your Caddy? is a hilarious, fish-out-of-water comedy about superstar rap mogul, C-Note (Big Boi), who runs into fierce opposition when he tries to join the super stuffy Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club. Undeterred, C-Note gets the brilliant idea to buy the land adjacent to the golf club's 17th hole, which he cleverly leverages to gain membership. C-Note's crew wreaks havoc as they bring their larger-than-life style to the club. As the club's hoity-toity leadership desperately tries to revoke C-Note's membership, our hero realizes that his family's honor – and secret record-breaking golf history – is at stake. As he takes on the fight of his life, C-Note pulls out all of the stops to bring down the club's backwards establishment and welcome them to the 21st century.

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Don Michael Paul (The Garden, Half Past Dead, Silk Stalkings, Pacific Blue)

Written by Bradley Allenstein (Juwanna Mann), Robert Henny (debut), Don Michael Paul (Harley Davison & The Marlboro Man, Half Past Dead, The Disciples).

Stars Rap star (Outkast) Big Boi (Idlewild, ATL, WaSanGo; 2007 Black Reel Best Score and Best Song nominations for Idlewild; his music is on the soundtracks of 15 films, including Lara Craft: Tomb Raider, 8 Mile, Hitch, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Scooby-Doo); Jeffrey Jones (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sleepy Hollow, The Devil's Advocate, Ed Wood, The Hunt for Red October, Beetle Juice, Stuart Little; Golden Globe nom for Amadeus, SAG Award nom for Deadwood), Susan Ward (Shallow Hal, Two for the Money, The In Crowd, Wild Things 2, Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, Malibu Shores and a 1999 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Sunset Beach) and Sherri Shepherd (Cellular, Guess Who, Beauty Shop, Pauly Shore is Dead, Everybody Loves Raymond, Kim Possible and a BET Comedy Award nomination for Less Than Perfect).

Cast also includes Faizon Love (Friday, Fear of a Black Hat, Elf, The Replacements, Blue Crush, Torque, Wonderland, The Players Club); Tony Cox (Return of the Jedi, Me Myself & Irene, Beetle Juice, Spaceballs, Bad Santa, Willow, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Friday, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka and 44 other movies and TV projects); Cam Gigandet (The O.C., Jack & Bobby, Making Change, Get Some), James Avery (Swingers, Legally Blonde, Fletch, Dr. Dolittle 2, The Brady Bunch Movie, Raise Your Voice, License to Drive, The Closer, L.A. Law and 134 other films and TV projects); Terry Crews (Training Day, Click, Starsky & Hutch, The 6th Day, The Longest Yard, White Chicks, Idiocracy, Inland Empire, How to get the Man's Foot Outta Your Ass; two Image Award nominations and a Teen Choice Award nom for Everybody Hates Chris ); Tamala Jones (Blue Streak, Can't Hardly Wait, Next Friday, Head of State, The Ladies Man, How to Make an American Quilt, Booty Call, The Wood, How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog and 37 other films and TV projects; voted one of the Ten Sexiest Women of 2000 and 2001 by readers of Black Men magazine); Andy Milonakis (Waiting, Parental Guidance Suggested, Wieners, Killer Pad, Jimmy Kimmel Live; wrote 16 episodes of the Teen Choice Award-nominated MTV show The Andy Milonakis Show); Finesse Mitchell (Saturday Night Live, Mad Money, The Comebacks); Jennifer Lewis (Cast Away, Cars, Mystery Men, Shark Tale, Sister Act, Blast From the Past, Red Heat, Antwone Fisher and 69 other films and TV projects; nominated for NAMIC Vision Award for Strong Medicine, for Image Award for The Preacher's Wife and for a Black Reel Award for Jackie's Back!); Mighty Rasta (Any Given Sunday, The Replacements, Norbit, Cradle to the Grave, The Corner, Bachelor Party Vegas), Garrett Morris (Coneheads, How High, Santa With Muscles, Twin Falls Idaho, Car Wash, The Anderson Tapes, Cooley High, Where's Poppa?; Emmy nom for Saturday Night Live, Independent Spirit Award nom for Jackpot) and David Britt (The Four Children of Tander Welch).

Executive Producers are Queen Latifah (Beauty Shop, The Cookout, Life Support, Perfect Christmas, Wifey, Bringing Down the House and Queen Latifah Show; as an actress won 11 awards and 42 nominations--including an Oscar--for films including Chicago, Beauty Shop, Bringing Down the House, Last Holiday, The Bone Collector, Brown Sugar, Barbershop 2: Back in Business and Living Single); Shakim Compere (Beauty Shop, The Cookout, Life Support, Perfect Christmas and Wifey); Ross M. Dinnerstein (The Grand, Day 73 With Sarah, Unknown, Deceit, Black Water Transit, Powder Blue); Harvey Weinstein (won Best Picture Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and was nominated for Best Picture Oscar for Gangs of New York; won eight other awards and 11 other nominations for films including Malèna and TV series including Project Greenlight and Project Runway; produced Pulp Fiction, three Lord of the Rings pics, Sicko, Grindhouse, Sin City, Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2, Finding Neverland, Fahrenheit 9/11, Good Will Hunting, Scream, Chicago, The English Patient, Chocolat and 184 other films and TV projects); Bob Weinstein (won six awards and nominated for five Emmys for Project Greenlight and Project Runway; produced 198 films and TV projects, including those listed above for his brother Harvey and The Others, Jackie Brown, The Aviator, True Romance, Scary Movie, Master and Commander, Cold Mountain, The Cider House Rules, 1408 and Miss Potter); Chris Roberts (Lucky Number Slevin, Outlander, Lord of War, The Punisher, The Jacket, The Big White and three Wing Commander films); Bobby Schwartz (The Grand, Deceit, Black Water Transit, Unkknown, Day 73 With Sarah and Powder Blue) and Marvin Peart (Perfect Christmas and B2K: Live at the House of Blues).

Producers are Christopher Eberts (Lucky Number Slevin, Lord of War, The Punisher); Kia Jam (The Jacket, Lucky Number Slevin, Juwanna Mann), Arnold Rifkin (Live Free or Die Hard, Hostage, Bandits, 16 Blocks, Tears of the Sun, Hart's War, The Whole Ten Yards and Touching Evil) and Tracey E. Edmonds (Soul Food, Josie and the Pussycats, Hav Plenty; nominated for Independent Spirit Award for Punks).

Visual Effects Supervisor: Ray McIntyre Jr. (300, Spider-Man, Independence Day, X2, The Last Samurai, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I Robot, Blood Diamond, Charlie's Angels, Fantastic Four, Live Free or Die Hard, Blade II, The Mighty, Confidence and 82 other movies and TV projects; Emmy nominated for The Tuskegee Airmen).

Original Music by Jon Lee (Demon Hunter, The Devil's Den, Tooth Fairy, Half Past Dead, Afghan Knights, The Garden).

Cinematography by Thomas L. Callaway (Slumber Party Massacre II, Critters 3, Cruel Intentions 3, Feast, Lady Killers, Drop Dead Sexy, Creepozoids, Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, Assault of the Killer Bimbos, Murdercycle and 53 other movies and TV projects).

Film Editing by Vanick Moradian (The Pursuit of Happiness, Half Past Dead, Walking Tall 2 and 3, Tortilla Heaven, Ghost Dog, Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure).

Production Design by Paul Luther Jackson (Left in Darkness, Everything Put Together, Forfeit, The Devil's Den, The Garden).

Art Direction by Chet Maxwell (The Devil's Den, The Gardener).

Costume Designer is Jayme Bohn (Demon Hunter, The Pandora Project, The Hard Easy, Take, Welcome to Paradise, Back in the Day, Club Vampire).

Special Effects Coordinator: David Beavis (Mission Impossible, Hellboy, Spies Like Us, Idlewild, Never Say Never Again, Noble House, Foyle's War, Lassiter and 37 other films and TV projects).

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