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Supercross: The Movie

Brothers are motorcycle racing rivals.

Genre - Action

Director(s) - Steve Boyum

Writer(s) - Ken Solarz and Bart Baker

Cast - Mike Vogel, Steve Hovey, Robert Carradine and Robert Patrick

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Release Date - 2005

Synopsis - A motorcycle saga that chronicles the personal journey of two pool cleaner brothers who overcome emotional and physical obstacles to achieve success in the competitive world of Supercross racing. The brothers' conflicts are magnified by their different life choices and their decision to become competitors and rivals.

KC Carlyle is a more cautious rider than his younger brother Trip, who has more natural talent but who takes too many risks. When KC gets an all-expenses-paid corporate-sponsored ride, a rift forms between the two. Trip is forced to go at it alone, becoming a rider without a sponsor. But when a career-threatening crash ends Trip's Supercross career, he and KC realize that they must put aside their conflicts and work together to help KC defeat the world's greatest Supercross champions.

Boxoffice and DVD Business:
Supercross opened on 1621 North American screens on Aug. 21, 2005 and grossed $1,330,520 in North America over its opening weekend. Over 44 days it grossed $3,101,301. It earned another $241,881 in Australia, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates for a worldwide total of $3,344,431. In UAE theatres it grossed $112,800 in a four-day run. In Puerto Rico it brought in $110,000.

DVD/VHS Rentals were $10,190,000 during eight weeks it spent in the Top 50. It opened at #14 with first-week rentals of $2,200,000.

Release Data:
Supercross screened at the Cannes Film Market on May 12, 2005. It screened in theatres in Portugal, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Japan and Kuwait. It appeared on DVD in Iceland, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Serbia and Argentina.

Critics' Kudos:
Joshua Katzman, Chicago Reader: "Like the drive-in classics of Roger Corman and Samuel Z. Arkoff, this develops the principal characters and conflicts with just enough depth and keeps the narrative moving at a brisk pace."

Scott Brown, Entertainment Weekly: "Vogel, a scruffy hipster hobbit, is the standout: As Trip Carlyle, maverick younger brother to Howey's cautious K.C., he passes (on this film's relaxed terms) for a lazy James Dean and lends some limber fun to a venture so clearly boardroom-born.

"Supercross puts up a fierce anticorporate front, lauding the self-financed 'privateer' over the 'factory' cyclist. Luckily, the camera, caressing gleaming spokes and toned groupie hindquarters with equal ardor, speaks the international language: Get the girl, win the race, spin some mud in some dude's face."

Justin Chang, Variety: Supercross: The Movie is a full-throttle orgy of soaring bikes and revved-up engines, held together by a capably acted story of sibling rivalry. Completely rousing on its own crude, testosterone-saturated terms, this noisy 20th Century Fox outing looks promising [on video]. The racing sequences, which incorporate actual footage from Clear Channel's events, are energetically cut and easy enough to follow.

"Howey and Vogel delineate the two brothers expertly, nailing their hotheaded, competitive yet still affectionate vibe. As the more interesting character of the duo, Vogel is especially good, playing Trip as a mixture of reckless goofball and brooding black sheep.

"To their credit, screenwriters Ken Solarz and Bart Baker do attempt to involve and flesh out both femmes; at one point, Zoe blanches when someone suggests K.C. owns her."

Angel Cohen, TV Guide: "Filled with tremendous stunts and well-shot racing sequences, director Steve Boyum {has directed a] loud, down-and-dirty ride through the world of Supercross. Boyum has shot a fantastic-looking movie with a sexy young cast, all of whom gamely roll with the punches."

Nell Minow, Movie Mom at Yahoo! Movies: "I've got to give this movie some credit for its lack of pretense and the modesty of its goals. The title says it all. This movie is called 'Supercross' and that's exactly what it is. It's pretty much just supercross racing -- motorcycle cross-country racing on off-road tracks with added extreme man-made obstacles. There are some attractive performers who appear to be portraying characters who have a few things to say to each other, fall in love and learn some lessons in between races. The movie's brief running time (about an hour and 15 minutes) is mostly taken up with shots of motorcyle races, with lots of slo-mo jumps."

Jake Wilson, Urban Cinefile (Australia): "The scenes that stick with you are as timeless as any Western: two guys tearing around off-road desert foothills and raising clouds of dust. Given the mayhem on the track, the narrative is surprisingly tranquil: a simple fable that extols co-operation, integrity, small-scale enterprise, and brotherly love. Supercross has its charms for those who appreciate cinematic innocence, and as a love letter to its subject certainly registers as sincere. I can't predict how the target audience will react, but they ought to be happy: how many supercross movies do they get?"

Laura Kern, New York Times: "Supercross is competitive motorcycle racing at its most extreme. Unlike its popular sister-sport Motocross, it is held mainly indoors on twisty dirt tracks equipped with terrifying high jumps.
The director, Steve Boyum, a 20-year-veteran Hollywood stuntman and former Motocross racer, provides plenty of authentic dirt-flying motorcycle thrills."

John Anderson, Newsday: "Imagine a motorcycle movie scored by Vivaldi. Now erase it from your mind. The motorcycle movie, needless to say, is a package deal: screaming engines, shredded guitars, super-slo-mo action, kidney-jarring landings and a cast made up almost entirely of sitcom stars."

Peter Debruge, Miami Herald: "For anyone who digs hardcore motorcycle racing, Supercross delivers enough engine-revving, dirt-spewing motorcross action to satisfy even the most intense adrenaline craving."

Viewers' Ratings:
As of Feb. 26, 2009, of the 2,134 viewers rating Supercross, the group liking it the most was females 18-29, followed by males 30-44. Fully 15.9% of viewers rated it a perfect 10.

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Steve Boyum, who did or coordinated stunts on 58 films (including Apocolypse Now, Groundhog Day and True Lies) before directing Timecop: The Berlin Decision, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice and Meet the Deedles--as well as episodes of Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Bionic Woman and four other TV series.

Written by Ken Solarz (City of Industry, episodes of CSI: NY, Profiler and Miami Vice) and Bart Baker (Live Wire and episodes of The Outer Limits, Dirt and Sons of Thunder).

Stars Mike Vogel (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Grind, Havoc, Rumor Has It, Poseidon and 14 episodes of Grounded for Life); Steve Hovey (99 episodes of TV's Reba, Class, DOA: Dead or Alive); Robert Carradine (nominated for a Genie Award for Heartaches and for a CabbleAce award for As Is; appeared in Revenge of the Nerds, Mean Streets, Escape From L.A., The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Big Red One, Coming Home, The Long Riders and 69 other movies and TV projects) and Robert Patrick (won Saturn Award for The X-Files, Won Temecula Valley Film Festival Best Actor Award for The Fix; four other award nominations for works including Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Fire in the Sky; appeared in Die Hard 2, Walk the Line, Wayne's World, Cop Land, Ladder 49, We Are Marshall, Warlords of Hell, 47 episodes of The Unit and 76 other movies and TV projects).

Cast includes actress/model Cameron Richardson (YoungStar Award Nominee for Cover Me; appeared in The Good Humor Man, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rise, five episodes of Skin, 13 episodes of Point Pleasant and six episodes of 12 Miles of Bad Road; was ranked as one of the 76 sexiest women in the world by Stuff magazine) and Sophia Bush (nominated for five Teen Choice Awards, winning three for The Hitcher and John Tucker Must Die; won 2007 Vail Film Festival Rising Star Award; starred in 98 episodes of One Tree Hill and appeared in Van Wilder, Stay Alive, Nip/Tuck and Learning Curves).

Executive Producers are Jonathan Bogner (Hansel & Gretel, Motocross Kids, Broken Saints, Miracle Dogs); David Borg (Popstar, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel); Steve Boyum (did stunts in 56 films and directed Motocrossed and Meet the Deedles); Zuzana Hibdon (The Santa Trap, Popstar); Jeffrey P. Kranzdorf (Ricky Nelson & Fats Domino: Live at the Universal Amphitheatre); Greg McDonald (Somewhere, The Four Tops: 40th Anniversary Special, Swimsuit Illustrated: On Location) and Ray Skiptunis (Popstar).

Produced by Steve Austin (Miracle Dogs, The Retrievers, Motocross Kids); Richard Gabai (Raptor, Bikini Drive-In, Dinosaur Island, Tomorrow By Midnight) and J. Todd Harris (Jeepers Creepers, Latter Days, Dudley Do-Right, Ubania, Denise Calls Up).

Original Music by Jasper Randall (Cookies for Harry, Tackle Box).

Cinematography by William Wages (Love Potion No. 9, American Perfekt, Surface, Down in the Delta, Wooly Boys; six ASC Award noms and wins for Buffalo Soldiers and Riders of the Purple Sage; Emmy noms for Into the West and Buffalo Soldiers).

Film Editing by Alan Cody (Speed 2: Cruise Control, Inspector Gadget, Corky Romano); Brett Hedlund (Storm Catcher, Eyeball Eddie, Blast) and Lawrence A. Maddox (From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, Piggy Backs, The Hazing).

Production Design by Max Biscoe (Old School, Road Trip, Suicide Kings, Clay Pigeons).

Art Direction by Amy R. Strong (Real Women Have Curves, Sexy Movie, Voyeur: Inside Out).

Costume Design by Elaine Montalvo (Real Women Have Curves, Chuck & Buck, American Gun).

Visual Effects coordinator is Jenny Foster (Rocky Balboa, Apocalypto, The Producers, Unaccompanied Minors).

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