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Canes (aka "The Covenant: Brotherhood of Evil")

A blind man is given a "devil cane" that permits him to see, but it comes with a deadly price.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Michael Bafaro

Writer(s) - Michael Angelella

Cast - Edward Furlong, Michael Madsen and Chandra West

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Distributor(s) - Fries Film Group, Insight Studios, Videoville Showtime, Allumination

Release Date - 2006

Synopsis - In this horror thriller, a PR man is blinded by a thug and given a "devil cane" that allows him to see--for a price. He is indoctrinated into a secret covenant of evil whose members all have the devil canes and are trying to bring on the end of the world. Eventually, the covenant demands that he kill his wife.

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