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Red Squad

A former DEA agent with a rogue streak whose mercenary team take on a Mexican drug lord whose cartel killed his family.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Alexander Witt

Writer(s) - Cam Cannon, Jorge Suarez, Scott Windhauser and David Sardi

Cast - Nicholas Cage, Brian Presley, Patrice Cols

Blue Rider's Role - executive producer

Release Date - 2018

People, credits and awards
Director: Alexander Witt (directed Resident Evil: Apocalypse; d.p. on Body of Lies and Night of Destiny; second unit d.p. on 27 films including Hannibal, Chaplin, Money Train, The Bourne Identity, Skyfall, xXx and Gladiator).

Writers: Cam Cannon (USS Indianapolis: Men of courage, Rough Hustle, A Haunting at Silver Falls; produced Rage, Speed Kills, The Prince, Misfire and Give 'em Hell, Malone), Jorge Suarez (wrote and directed The Scratch; directed The Playground, It Can Be Arranged and six episodes of Badass!), David Sardi (won DGA award for Born on the Fourth of July; was 1st a.d. on 45 films including Star Trek: Nemesis, Hollywood Homicide, Little Nicky and bicentennial Man) and Scott Windhauser (wrote Dead Trigger, Larceny, Category 5, Rotor DR1 and seven other screenplays.

Actors: Nicholas Cage (43 awards and 64 more nominations for such works as Leaving Las Vegas [won Oscar], Adaptation, Moonstruck, Face/Off, Raising Arizona and Con Air; also appeared in 83 other films), Brian Presley (2 wins for Guarding eddy and 2 noms for Port Charles; appeared in 15 other films and TV series including Home of the brave, Touchback and Beverly Hills, 90210) and Patrice Cols (appeared in 11 films and TV programs including Rage, People, The Love Punch and Fonzy).

Executive producers: Walter Josten (won Emmy for The Increbible Mrs Ritche,; also produced 61 other films including Back in the Day, Slow Burn, My 5 Wives, Pinocchio's Revenge, Leprechaun 4: In Space, Witchboard and Survival Island), Mike Nilon, Rene Besson, Cam Cannon, Patricia Eberle and Lindsey Roth.

Producers: Moshe Diamont (72 credits including Asylum, The lack Dahlia, Timecop and Hard Target), Luillo Ruiz (has a Grammy nom and 20 producer credits, including Speed Kills, Ana, Mad Dogs, The Farm and Welcome to the Jungle),
(Oscar Generale (10 producer credits such as The Music of Silence, Giallo and Give 'em Hell, Malone) and Richard Rionda Del Castro (30 producer credits including Speed Kills, The Big Bang, Casino Jack, Gun and Irish Jack).
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