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Not Forgotten

In a Texasborder town, a man (with terrible secrets in his past) and his wife try to rescue their kidnapped daughter.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Dror Soref

Writer(s) - Tomas Romero, Dror Soref

Cast - Simon Baker, Paz Vega, Claire Forlani, Gedde Watanabe

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge and collaterall shortfall lender and executive producers

Distributor(s) - Anchor Bay (US/UK/Australia)

Release Date - 2009

Synopsis - Jack Bishop, who lives happily with his wife and daughter in a the border town of Del Rio, Texas, has dark secrets in his past that he hides from his family. When his daughter Toby is kidnapped, Jack's past comes back to haunt him. The only way he can find her is to use the powers of his long- forgotten mystical faith, La Santa Muerte.

Accompanied by anewly-appointed sheriff and two wary FBI agents, Jack searches the squalid barrios and seediest brothels of Mexico City's underbelly. La Santa Muerte is stronger then he imagines, revealing a dark web of lies and deceit.

"The plot is a tightly wound mystery that gradually reveals itself, saving most of its surprises for third-act revelations. What starts out as an ordinary police investigation into a kidnapping grows ever lurid once a couple of FBI agents (Watanabe and Rolston) enter the scene and Jack goes on a renegade solo mission across the border."
--Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle

Writer/director/producer Dror Soref won awards at Houston and Philadelphia film festivals for directing The Seventh Coin and was nominated at the Chicago fest for Platinum Blonde.

Not Forgotten's Executive producers are Walter Josten (Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie), Jamie Beardsley, Howard Behar, Kirk D'Amico (Emmy nom for American Masters), Jeff Geoffray, Warren Goz, Stewart McMichael and Michelle Seward.

Producers: Dror Soref, Donald Zuckerman (won La Femme International best feature award for Hooligans).

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