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Timber Falls

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A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals.

Genre - Genre Classics

Director(s) - Tony Giglio

Writer(s) - Daniel Kay

Cast - Josh Randall, Brianna Brown, Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick and Sascha Rosemann

Blue Rider's Role - P&A Lender

Distributor(s) - Slowhand Cinema Releasing (US), Scanbox Entertainment (UK), Arsenal Pictures (non-US/UK)

Release Date - 2007

Synopsis - City couple Mike and Sheryl hike the Timber Falls trail in West Virginia, which is recommended to them by two mysterious strangers. Early the second morning she is abducted by a strange figure, while swimming in the lake, leaving only her necklace. Searching for her, Mike is caught in a bear trap and passes out.

Turns out, they've both been captured by Ida and park ranger Clyde--a deranged, religiously fanatical childless couple who want them to produce a child, which they will keep--killing Mike and Sheryl. The city couple resists, and are tortured. Then things get really creepy and violent.

Critics' Quotes
" TIMBER FALLS is an effectively horrifying opus about about religious loonies who kidnap a couple in order to force them to conceive a surrogate child. Instead of just another 'Torture Porn' flick, we get a black-comedy satire that combines elements of MISERY, DELIVERANCE, and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. The film works hard to assemble its familiar pieces into something that works in its own right, and largely succeeds. The characters and suspense are handled well, and the horror hit most of the right notes grim enough to to yield some grueling fright without drowning lost in a welter of blood. TIMBER FALLS delivers enough decent thrills to satisfy its intended audience. Deacon may be no Leatherface, but he gets the job done well enough. The film strikes a reasonable balance between the horrible suffering of the protagonists and the equally horrible final-reel pay-back, which is immensely satisfying."
--Steve Biodrowski, Cinefantastique

"Giglio doesn't quite seem able to decide what his tone is, incongruously mixing goofy redneck humor with harrowing scenes of intense pain, but horror fans should dig it nonetheless."
--Luke Y. Thompson, L.A. Weekly

"Timber Falls is an entertaining horror flick with a sharply written script, strong performances and a decent mix of suspense, gore and jet-black humour. Worth seeing.Josh Randall and Brianna Brown make appealing leads and we desperately hope they'll survive, heightened by the fact that neither of them are well known enough actors for that to be taken for granted. Director Tony Giglio gets the balance just right, delivering suspense and gore without going over the top into torture-porn territory. The script contains some neat reversals (such as Mike going after the moonshiners) and is also laced with moments of jet-black humour.
--Matthew Turner, The ViewLondon

Awards and People
Executive Producers: Doug Croxall, John Dellaverson, Harmon Kaslow, Mike Marvin and Todd Traina.

Producers: Christopher Eberts, Steve Markoff, Kia Jam and Arnold Rifkin.

Composer: Henning Lohner (BMI Film music award and IFMCA nom for The Ring Two).

Visual effects supervisor: Tim Carras (Wild Rose fest win for The David Dance and two noms).

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