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To Have and To Hold

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A spurned mistress seeks revenge on the married man who dumped her.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Terry Ingram

Writer(s) - Joseph Lawler and Robert Sax

Cast - Justine Bateman, Sebastian Spence and Jessica Lowndes

Blue Rider's Role - Collateral Shortfall Lender

Distributor(s) - Lifetime Television and MIB (German DVD)

Release Date - 2006

Synopsis - Unfaithful husband has gotten himself mixed up with a bad girl named Lisa. After their scandalous affair, Tom kicks Lisa to the curb and she vows to get revenge. Her plan spirals out of control and someone winds up dead.

Release Data:
Aired on Lifetime cable in North America in November 2006. DVD released in Germany in 2008.

Viewer Ratings:
As of Feb. 26, 2009, more than 72.5% of the 51 persons who rated the film at the Internet Movie Database gave it positive ratings. It was more popular with males than females, and the demographic groups that liked it best were woemn 18-29 (who rated it 6.7 out of 10) and men age 45 and older (6.0)..

Major Cast and Crew Awards and Credits:
Directed by Terry Ingram (won 2004 Directors Guild of Canada Award for Blizzard; also directed Odyssey 5, Playmakers, Nightmare, Max Havoc: Ring of Fire, Sheena and Mind Games).

Written by Joseph Lawler (When Husbands Cheat, Judicial Indiscretion, Mind Games, The Secret of Comfort House)and Robert Sax (You Can't Do That on Television).

Stars: Justine Bateman (won a 1985 Best Young TV Actress Young Artist Award and five other nominations [including a Golden Globe and two Emmys] for Family Ties; won 2004 Golden Satellite Award for Out of Order; also appeared in The Night we Never Met, Lois & Clark, Men in Trees, The TV Set, Bucket of Blood and 31 other movies and TV projects), Sebastian Spence (Firestorm, Battlestar Galactica, Criminal Intent, Drive She Said, G-Spot, First Wave and Shock to the System) and Jessica Lowndes (Saving Milly and Alice, I Think).

Cast also includes: William MacDonald (Romeo Must Die, Slither, Dudley Do-Right, The Snow Walker, The X-Files, Blade: The Series and 64 other movies and TV projects); Derek Hamilton (Disturbing Behavior, Out Cold, Firestorm, Ripper, Nightstalker, Da Vinci's City Hall and 32 other movies and TV projects); Colin Lawrence (X2, Fantastic Four, The 6th Day, Dreamcatcher, House of the Dead, Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files, The L Word, Stargate SG-1, Dark Angel and 57 other movies and TV projects); William Stewart (debut); Sharon Taylor (Eureka, A Day in the Life); Haley Guiel (Mount Pleasant and Alice, I Think); Derek Green (debut) and Debra Donohue (Along Came a Spider, Battle in Seattle, Dark Water, MVP: Most Valuable Primate).

Executive Producers: Stan Kamens (Blood Ties, Veiled Truth, Deck the Halls, Truth, Criminal Intent, Fatal Reunion); Charles M. Fries (Alien Agent, To Have and To Hold, Canes, The Martian Chronicles, Veiled Truth and L.A.P.D.: To Protect and Serve)and Kirk Shaw (nominated for 2006 Best Documentary Leo Award for Secret Files of the Inquisition; also produced Painkiller Jane, Blood Ties, Third Man Out, Killer Bees, Numb, Canes, Battle in Seattle, Shock to the System and 91 other movies and TV projects).

Original Music by: John Sereda (won 2006 Leo Award for scoring Secret Files of the Inquisition; two more Leo noms for Young Blades and When a Man Falls in the Forest; also scored The War Bride, The Lotus Eaters, Criminal Intent, Truth, Chasing Christmas and 41 other movies and TV projects): Walter Klenhard (nominated for 1994 Edgar Award for The Last Hit; also scored Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story, Buried Alive II, Sweet Poison) and Michael Creber (True Pulp Murder).

Cinematography by Michael Balfry (won 2001 Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Sola; nominated for a Gemini Award for the same documentary; also shot The Dead Zone, Destination Infestation, A Valentine Carol and The Perfect Suspect).

Film Editing by Kevin Willis (Snowman's Pass, Stargate SG-1, Young Blades, Man Without a Name).

Production Design by Paul McCulloch (Painkiller Jane, Sam's Lake, Dark Storm, Deck the Halls, Family in Hiding, 12 Hours to Live).

Costume Design by Rebekka Sorensen (Double Cross, The Hamster Cage, A Valentine Carol, 12 Hours to Live).

Special Effects Coordinator: Brant McIlroy (Numb, Blood Ties, Godiva's, Veiled Truth, Her Fatal Flaw, Ice Spiders, Alien Agent and 20 other movies and TV projects).

Visual Effects Supervisor: Richard Mintak (Blood Ties, Numb, Pursued, Deep Evil, Deadly Skies, Killer Bash and 28 other movies and TV projects).

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