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In this supernatural thriller, an FBI agent tracks a serial killer, aided by three of his would-be victims - all of whom have wildly different stories to tell. They go to a small town where no one tells the truth and nobody is safe.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Writer(s) - Kent Harper and Jennifer Chambers Lynch

Cast - Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge and Gap lender

Distributor(s) - Arclight Films (worldwide, all media) and VVS Films (Canada, all media)

Release Date - 2008

Synopsis - Somewhere deep inside the Santa Fe desert there have been a number of horrific murders. Local police Captain Billings (Michael Ironside) and officers Degrasso and Wright have apprehended three witnesses: oficer Jack Bennet, one of their own, tough, but affected by recent events; Bobby, young, high on cocaine; and eight-year-old Stephanie (Ryan Simpkins), who has just witnessed her family be brutally murdered by two figures dressed in jumpsuits, gloves, boots, and latex masks. As the witnesses tell their stories one by one to the FBI agents, who have now taken over the case, the murderous events unravel. It becomes clear, however, that little Stephanie knows something more. And then three more bodies are discovered.

Critics Blurbs
“Surveillance is the work of a director who has made significant strides in both storytelling and control of the medium, deftly interweaving a grisly thriller, a sicko "Rashômon," a switcheroo, a psychotic love story, an imaginative paean to children, and an inspired resurrection of Julia Ormond.”
--Melissa Anderson, Village Voice
“Some will find it affecting and uncompromising, the kind of movie that plunges you into a nightmare and ratchets up the intensity until you're grateful for a moment's respite.”
--Rossiter Drake, San Francisco Examiner

“Lynch gets repellant, seductive, sympathetic performances from her actors. Ormond and Pullman are frightfully good at teasing intimacy.”
--Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post
People, Awards, Major /credits
Director/co-writer: Jennifer Lynch won best film at the Sitges Catalonian International Film Festival and best director at the New York Horror Film Festival for this film, plus two other nomination; she also an award and a nom for Chained and a Sundance nom for Boxing Helena; her other 31 directing credits include 5 episodes of Quantico, 5 episodes of Finding Carter and 4 episodes of Teen Wolf.
Co-writer: Kent Harper was nominated (with Jennifer Lynch) for a best screenplay award at the Fangoria Chainsaws for this film and won a performing award at the Los Angeles Silver Lake Film Festival in Statistics; his 6 writing credits include Villainous, Deterioration and Intuition.
Actors: Julia Ormond (won best supporting actress Emmy for Temple Grandin and was nominated for another Emmy for Mad Men; her other 6 awards and 9 noms include such works as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Young Catherine and Varian’s War; her 42 other credits include My Week With Marilyn, Legends of the Fall and Che: Part One), Bill Pullman (6 awards and 2 noms include Independence Day, Independence Day: Resurgence and Torchwood; his other 88 credits include Lost Highway, While You Were Sleeping and The Equalizer), Pell James (her 23credits include The Lincoln Lawyer, Zodiac and Broken Flowers), French Stewart (nominated best supporting actor at Fangoria Chainsaw awards for this film; 5 other noms for 3rd Rock from the Sun, Hercules and Inspector Gadget 2; his other 102 credits include Stargate, Home Alone 4 and 30 episodes of Mom), Ryan Simpkins ( best supporting actress nom for this film at Fangoria Chainsaw awards and won best actress for it at New York Horror Film Festival; also won a best supporting actress award and 3 other noms; her 28 credits include A Single Man, Anguish and The House) and Michael Ironside (2 wins and 10 noms for such films as Scanners, The Ray Bradbury Theater and I, Maureen).
Executive Producer: David Lynch nominated for 4 writing and directing Oscars for The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive; 49 wins and 57 nominations for such works as Twin Peaks, Eraserhead and Wild at Heart; his 25 other producer credits include 48 episodes of Twin Peaks, Inland Empire and The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez.
Co-executive producers: Walter Josten (won Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie; His 63 other producing credits include Driven, Ana, Replicas, Imprisoned, Night of the Demons, The Hollywood Sign, Holes, Rescue Dawn and Around the World in 80 Days), Gary Hamilton (his 66 other producer credits include The Bank Job, Wolf Creek and Lord of War) and Jeff Geoffray (his 41 other producer credits include Labyrinth, Under the Silver Lake and Spinning Man).
Producers: Marco Mehlitz ( won 2 awards and a nom for Tschick and a nom for A Dangerous Method; 25 other producer credits include The Devil’s Rejects, Mr. Nobody and Only Lovers Left Alive), David Michaels (10 producer credits include Puppy Love, Shelter Island and Nine) and Kent Harper (12 producer credits such as A Blast of Sunlight Explodes, The Sighting and Roulette).
Cinematography: Peter Wunstorf nominated six times for Smallville, Millennium, Haunted and Double Happiness; shot 37 projects including A Street Cat Named Bob, 14 episodes of The Killing and Meditation Park.
Editor: Daryl K. Davis: won Canadian DGA award for Corner Gas; his other 32 credits include The Cradle Will Fall, 13 episodes of Moccasin Flats and 10 episodes of Wildlife Quest.
Production Design: Sara McCudden nominated for best production design Canadian Gemini award for The Englishman’s Boy; her other 7 designer credits include The Stakelander, Dolan’s Cadillac and Sabbatical.
Costume Design: Cathy McComb nominated for best costume design Gemini award for Lyddie; her other 20 credits include The Messengers, Faces in the Crowd and 5 episodes of Mythquest.

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