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The Flock

The Flock Grosses $7,114,657 in 29 Countries, Still Screening in Mexico

Blue Rider Bridge Financed the crime action thriller The Flock, starring Richard Gere, Claire Danes and Canadian singing superstar Avril Lavigne. Gere plays a soon-to-retire, federal agent who, while training his replacement, must track down a paroled sex offender before a young missing girl is murdered.

As of March 29, 2009, The Flock had earned $7,114,657 in 29 foreign markets, with the biggest-grossing being Spain ($2,710,004), Mexico ($914,881 in 11 weeks and still screening), Brazil ($749,924), South Korea ($366,198 in seven weeks), Turkey ($252,285) and Thailand ($210,273). In Argentina it did $187,073 in seven weeks. In eight weeks it earned $125,316 in Portugal/Angola. On March 22, 2009 it was still screening in Bolivia. And it was scheduled for release in U.K./Ireland/Malta, Denmark and Finland and at dates to be announced. The DVD came out in North America on May 20, 2008.

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