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Company Man

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A high school teacher in the 1960s becomes an international spy and is involved in a plot to overthrow Fidel Castro.

Genre - Comedy

Director(s) - Peter Askin and Douglas McGrath

Writer(s) - Peter Askin and Douglas McGrath

Cast - Douglas McGrath, Sigourney Weaver, Anthony LaPaglia, Woody Allen, Ryan Phillippe

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier

Release Date - 2000

Synopsis - An obscure grammar teacher is inducted into the CIA and sent to Cuba, where Woody Allen plays the station chief. Fidel Castro (Anthony LaPaglia) starts his revolution against General Batista (Alan Cumming), while the agent's wife (Sigourney Weaver) wants him to "overthrow the revolution in the most readable way possible."

The agent tries various outrageous ways to assassinate Castro (some of which are similar to techniques the CIA actually tried). His bumbling leads to the Bay of Pigs invasion.

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