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Leprechaun 3

The wrath of the Leprechaun continues in Las Vegas, where everyone is dying to get rich.

Genre - Genre Classics

Director(s) - Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writer(s) - David DuBos

Cast - Warwick Davis and John Gatins

Blue Rider's Role - Producers

Distributor(s) - Trimark

Release Date - 1995

Synopsis - The Leprechaun is on the loose again, this time trying his luck in Las Vegas. The terror begins when a young college student (Scott) gives a beautiful magician's assistant a lift into town.
Once in Vegas, Scott can't resist taking a turn at the roulette wheel. He has a run of bad luck and loses all his money. To win it back he decides to pawn his Rolex watch, but while at the pawnshop he finds one of the Leprechaun's gold shillings. A single piece of Leprechaun's gold, he discovers, will grant the fondest wish of the one who holds it.

Thanks to the lucky coin, Scott goes on a winning streak. Unfortunately, the Leprechaun know his coin is missing and he will gladly kill to get it back.

Leprechaun 3 was the best-selling direct-to-video movie of 1995.

Star John Gatins Writes a 2012 Hit Movie: FLIGHT:
John Gatins, who starred in the early Blue Rider films LEPRECHAUN 3 and WITCHBOARD 2: THE DEVIL'S DOORWAY, is now under Oscar consideration for penning the hit 2012 Robert Zemeckis-Denzel Washinton film FLIGHT. In it, Washington plays a commercial airline pilot with a penchant for cocaine, alcohol and flight attendants who heroically lands a broken jetliner, only to have his sobriety questioned during the follow-up investigation. Although Gatins has been sober for 20 years, he was once a serious abuser of drugs and alcohol who also had a fear of flying.

Blue Rider's Jeff Geoffray says, "John is a great guy whom we loved working with. It is wonderful to see that a young man we had such faith in has overcome personal obstacles to succeed in such a way."

A Los Angeles Times article on Gatlin:,0,4364957.story

Critics' Kudos:
"Jarprime," "The pint-sized trouble-making leprechaun is back and this time he is taking it to the streets of Las Vegas. Roaming about and sniffing out his lost gold, the leprechaun stops to have a wee bit o' fun before making off with his precious treasure pot.

"Once again, the leprechaun is awakened by someone trying to steal his gold. He is able to get it all back but one coin. the coin passes between person to person granting them their fondest wishes, but before they get to have too much fun the leprechaun shows up and takes care of them in rhyming style.

"Warwick Davis reprises his role as the leprechaun, and this time he gets a lot of screen time and dialog, he actually gets to be a main character and he provides most of the film's comic relief.

"The leprechaun is mainly after two young people by the names of Scott and Tammy. Tammy is a magician's side kick and Scott is a new guy who is turning into a potato-eating fool because he was bitten by the leprechaun and is slowly changing into a human/leprechaun hybrid.

"Leprechaun 3 is the best of the series, in my opinion. Lots of one-liners, decent gags and a couple of boobies make this one a lot more enjoyable than the other films in the series. Not a lot of gore."

Popcorn Pictures (U.K.) review: "I hate to say this but I actually enjoyed this entry. It's completely juvenile, pretty hammily acted and not in the least bit scary or thrilling. There's not much in the way of gore and the film reeks of a pretty low budget. But it's fun. Oh boy, I've never laughed at this series as much as I did here. The leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis, gets lots more screen time than he ever did and actually becomes the main character for a change. His limericks are annoying but at the same time, quite witty because they're so bad. Try and contain your laughter when he appears on TV as an astrologer predicting the future of his next victim. He's in drag and wearing glasses for crying out loud! Or hold your crying when the leprechaun meets an Elvis impersonator in the street. You just can't write this sort of material on the paper.

"Anyway the film is very silly and doesn't really make any qualms about how silly it gets. The death scenes are played up for sheer stupidity including one woman who's desire to have a more perfect figure backfires in the opposite way she wanted.

"Warwick Davis returns as the leprechaun and he's the best thing about the film. The leprechaun might look daft and talk a little silly but there's no question he's an evil little bugger who shouldn't be messed with. John Gatins starts out as a bit of a nerdy, shy guy but as the film progresses and he starts to turn into a leprechaun, you know exactly why he was cast. Lee Armstrong looks hot as hell as his love interest and also of mention is John DeMita as the magician, Fazio the Great. He steals pretty much every scene he's in.

"Final Verdict: Leprechaun 3 is shamelessly enjoyable and easily the best entry this miserable series has to offer. I can't believe I'm saying this but it's true."

Connie's Warwick Davis Fanpage and Leprechaun Center: "This movie has a more complex story than Lep 2 and is further removed from reality. It features a variety of shady characters competing with the hero and with each other to try to get possession of the Leprechaun's magic coin. As in all the Leprechaun movies, we see too much of the people and not enough of the Leprechaun. Still, some of the human characters are fun, like Fazio the bumbling magician and the two low-rent gangsters. For the first time in the series, the human characters do get a few funny lines. The Leprechaun is still the undisputed star of the movie, and it all just adds to the fun.

"The Leprechaun is in high gear, as usual. This movie has more rhymes than any other movie in the series, and there are numerous jokes and sight gags, including the Leprechaun doing an Elvis impersonation. The killings are more humorously inventive than ever, like the death-by-nearly-naked-robot. The production values are as low as ever, too. It's a fabulous cheesefest and my favorite of all the Leprechaun movies."

Ficky's Leprechaun Page: "This film was not released in the UK when I started this site, so it was difficult for me to get a copy. So all the stuff I read sort of hyped it up in my mind. But when I saw this film I wasn't disappointed at all. This film probably has more memorable scenes and quotes than any of the Lep films.

"This movie has probably the best death scenes all of the movies. My favourite is when a woman asks to be beautiful, and the Leprechaun decides to turn her into Pamela Anderson times 100 by inflating her boobs, butt and lips until she explodes. The film also has some great characters besides the Leprechaun. Fazio the magician is one; you gotta love the little dance he does while doing his magic show. And the lepshit scene is priceless.

"The direction by Brian Trenchard-Smith is good. He also directed the great cheesefest Night Of The Demons II, which is great fun. And the music is good for a movie of its nature."

Viewers' Ratings:As of March 8, 2007, the Internet Movie Database polled 857 viewers of Leprechaun 3 and learned that the demographic group that liked it best was males aged 17 and younger (who rated it 5.4 out of 10).

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Director is Brian Trenchard-Smith (Leprechaun 4, BMX Bandits, Night of the Demons 2, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, Frog Dreaming, Turkey Shoot, Dead-End Drive In, The Siege of Firebase Gloria).

Written by David DuBos (Playback, Cradles of Lies, Doubting Thomsas); characters by Mark Jones(six Leprechaun films, The A-Team, The Fall Guy, Superboy, Misfits of Science).

Stars Warwick Davis (42 films, including four Harry Potters, two Star Wars, six Leprechauns, Time Bandits, Ray and Labyrinth; award noms for Willow, Leprechaun in the Hood and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and John Gatins (Gods and Monsters, Norbit, Varsity Blues, Imposter, Big Fat Liar, The Shaggy Dog, Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway; wrote screenplays for Flight, Real Steel, Hardball, Coach Carter, Summer Catch and Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story).

Cast includes Lee Armstrong (Magic Island, Classic Stories for Children); John DeMita (Lilo & Stitch, Spawn, Final Fantasy); Michael Callan (Cat Ballou, Stuck on You, Mysterious Island, Chained Heat, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, The Victors; won 1961 Golden Globe as Most Promising Male Newcomer); Caroline Williams (How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Smile, Days of Thunder, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Stepfather II, Alamo Bay; won a Best Actress Award for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2); Marcelo Tubert (Over the Hedge, Vampire in Brooklyn, Under Suspicion, Postcards From the Edge); Tom Dugan (Ghostbusters II, Kindergarten Cop, Dave, Junior, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!) and Leigh Allyn Baker (Breast Men, Shrunken Heads, Very Mean Men, Charmed).

Executive Producer: Mark Amin (Frida, Eve's Bayou, Kicking and Screaming, Chairman of the Board; 60 other films and TV projects).

Producers: Jeff Geoffray (Around the World in 80 Days, Shergar, Silver Wolf, Behind the Red Door and 23 other films and TV projects); Walter Josten (Wake of Death, O Jerusalem, Back in the Day, Bar Starz; Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie; 28 other films and TV projects) and Henry Seggerman (Evolver, Progeny, The Paper Boy, Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway).

Original Music by Dennis Michael Tenney (The Prophecy I and II, Leprechaun 4, Witchboard, Witchtrap).

Cinematography by David Lewis (UHF, Night of the Demons, Betrayal of the Dove, Shergar, The Set Up, Children of the Corn V).

Film Editing by Daniel Duncan (Night of the Demons, Witchboard, Chain of Command, Guardian, The Pandora Project).

Production Design: Ken Aichele (Night of the Demons, Night Angel, Witchtrap, Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway, Evolver).

Art Direction by Candi Guterres (Chasing Papi, Speedway Junky, Pinocchio's Revenge, Attack of the 60-Foot Centerfolds, Droid Gunner).

Costume Designer: Sheila Streicek (Leprechaun 4: In Space, Skeeter).

Special Effects by Frank Ceglia (Scream, Dumb & Dumber, Red Dragon, The Sum of All Fears, Evil Alien Conquerors, Prison Break; nominated for 1993 Saturn Award for Lawnmower Man; 73 other films and TV projects).

Special Makeup Effects: Gabe Bartalos (Dark Angel, Leprechaun, Leprechaun 2, Fright Night Part 2, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, Basket Case 2, Cremaster 3 and 4, Slaughter of the Innocents, The Creeps, The Horrible Dr. Bones).

Director's Quote:
Brian Trenchard-Smith: "Blue Rider Pictures, for whom I had made NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2, was asked by Trimark to produce the third and, at that stage, the intended last in the series. Send the little guy to Vegas, the capital of greed and broken dreams, was the concept, but Trimark only wanted to spend $1.2 million, $300,000 less than LEP 2. So together with Blue Rider principals Jeff Geoffray and Walter Josten, I had to do some clever production planning.

"The first step was to re-write the script to fit LA's Ambassador Hotel as a seedy Vegas casino where we would shoot for 14 days. Then I would take a guerrilla crew of nine into the streets of Vegas, for a one-night, dusk-till-dawn shoot, setting the Leprechaun against real Vegas backgrounds for brief scenes that would pepper the movie. I also beefed up the humor with limericks, and put much of LEP's dialogue into rhyme. 'For playing me this trick,' says Warwick, swinging an axe, 'I'll chop off your..' Whack! Blotting out the last word, the axe lands between John Gatins legs, an inch from inhibiting his social life. That sort of thing. (Crotch gags abound in my movies - see THE MAN FROM HONG KONG as an early example and LEP IN SPACE's crotch-burster alien rebirth as the ultimate example. Suspended adolescence, I guess.) My gut told me that the core audience for LEP movies would appreciate a quantum leap in humor from the previous two installments.

"Shooting with the speedy DOP David Lewis went well in the Ambassador, despite the fact that the empty decaying hotel was simultaneously rented to three movie companies. I would bump into Martin Sheen occasionally between scenes of his period gangster movie.

"Warwick was wonderful to work with and appreciated the opportunity to embellish his character with spoof TV commercials in which he portrayed a psychic and a fire-and-brimstone televangelist. His patience and dedication every day during three-plus hours of make-up application (and 40 minutes removing it) was heroic. Gabe Bartalos, who created his make-up, also devised great prosthetic make-up gags, like the hilarious Caroline Williams' collagen lips in overdrive, and the lethal fembot that crawls out of a phone sex ad on the TV screen to straddle, then electrocute, sleazy casino owner Mickey Callan.

"There was one scene Warwick was not comfortable with: his encounter with a streetwalker, who offers him an array of sexual adventures concluding with '...Golden Shower?' At the mention of his beloved mineral, LEP would salivate. 'Golden shower? Oh, I'd like one of those!' The hooker, who was to be played by our wonderful casting lady Tedra Gabriel, replies That's 150, and you buy the six pack.' I learned early on to defer to an actor's taste when he is truly uncomfortable with material, so we dropped it. We had enough scatological material in the picture to satisfy the pubescent in all of us. And Warwick was right. This exchange would sour the particular tone we were setting for our target audience. Terms like taste and tone may seem out of place in a LEP movie, but in fact consistency of tone applies to all genres.

"Casting director Tedra Gabriel brought me two wonderful comedic actors -- Tom Dugan and Roger Hewlett -- to play the mob guys who want their money from sleazy casino owner Mickey Callan. We improvised 90%of their part. For instance, I had 15 more minutes of the shooting day left and one shot to do: the mob guys waiting impatiently for Mickey Callan to show up. There was no written dialogue. I said: make some small talk for about 20 seconds. The off-the-wall "jocks vs. briefs" dialogue is what followed.

"In a subsequent scene, there was one gag I decided to drop on the grounds of taste. (Rare for me.) As Lep disposes of the mob guys, one of them improvs a Wizard of Oz reference as his dying words: "What was Judy Garland really like?" Warwick, a dab hand at improv himself, shot back with customary malevolence: "She was a bitch!" then delivered the coup de grace with his shillelagh as the button on the line. We all fell about laughing, but in the cutting room I felt it might hurt Liza Minelli's feelings. (I know, she probably doesn't see Leprechaun movies). If anyone was bitchy to the munchkins on Oz, it was the studio brass, not her mother. She didn't deserve the slight. A funny line, but it had to go.

"I encouraged all the cast to improv embellishments to their characters. They created the funniest lines. Leigh Allyn Baker's improv ability turned her walk-on waitress part into a gem. Even Trimark exec-in-charge Dave Tripet volunteered to swell my low budget crowd of extras, and gave me a yawn I could use as a cutaway during John Demita's performance as the self-deluded, failed magician. There are so many people who helped make my work look good. I could write a book, so this is but a tiny insight into moments behind the scenes most people are not aware of.

"The LEP movies are an unique genre hybrid that could only have flowered in the early '90s. I'd love to do another LEP movie, provided I controlled the script. I hear rumors of LEP versus CHUCKY. That could be fun, but they'll probably give it to a kid. As Bob Weinstein is reported to have said when reviewing my resume for a project: 'How many movies has this guy done? No, we gotta have somebody younger.' It's 36 movies currently, and the show ain't over till the fat lady sings."

Star's Quote:
Warwick Davis: "Leprechaun 3 is going in a totally different direction. I like the interaction with the general public that occurs in this film. I'm noticed, but I'm looked at as a kind of hero, a spectacle while gambling. You'll also literally see the Leprechaun in a different light. You view me up close this time, in a casino, in brightly lit scenes. You see me quite clearly, which is different from the other two pictures, in which I often stayed in the shadows. It's a good change. The audience knows the character by now, and it's good to really see him."

Co-star Quote:
John Gatins: "I'm like 'The American Leprechaun in Las Vegas.' I turn into a leprechaun and have to fight my way back to normal. The evil Leprechaun bites me, then I stab him and the blood from his stab wound gets into the bite. It's a slow, agonizing process in which I go through these different stages of becoming a leprechaun.

"I wasn't sure I could pull it off, the transformation and the Irish accent, but I did a couple of speeches and the crew applauded. And I don't mind the makeup, which took two hours to apply. It's definitely helpful for getting into character."

This film was originally planned as Leprechaun 3D!

Memorable Quotes:
Doctor: All right, let's just start with every test that starts with the letter A, tomorrow we'll do the B's, and then Thursday...

Nurse: You play golf on Thursday.

Doctor: Well, this is an emergency.
Leprechaun: Ahhh... lovely golden palaces completely full of riches. I'll rip 'em off and rob 'em blind, those dirty sons of bitches.
Scott: There once was a lady of Totten / Whose tastes grew perverted and rotten. / She cared not for steaks / Or for pastries and cakes / But lived upon penis au gratin.
Leprechaun: There was an old man of Madras / Whose balls were made of fine brass. / So in stormy weather / They both clanged together / And sparks flew out of his ass.
Mitch: What are you, tough guys? I got hemorrhoids tougher than you.

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