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The Paperboy

Terror stalks the streets of a small town and a young woman becomes the object of a dark, twisted obsession in this finely tuned psychological shocker.

Genre - Thriller

Director(s) - Douglas Jackson

Writer(s) - David Peckinpah

Cast - Alexandra Paul andMark Marut

Blue Rider's Role - Executive producers

Distributor(s) - Showtime, Republic Pictures (VHS), Starlight, Transmundo Films and Home Video(Argentina)

Release Date - 1994

Synopsis - Twisted young paperboy Johnny kills an old lady and then tries to befriend her daughter Melissa and granddaughter Cammie. He is jealous of anyone else who spends time with them and plots revenge on anyone who has something bad to say about him or gets in the way of his plans to become part of Melissa's family. When Melissa finally kicks him out, he goes on a killing rampage.

Critics' Kudos:
Absolute Horror review: "The concept of the movie is actually quite disturbing and got under my skin more than I suspected it would. The plot begins promisingly as the paperboy climbs into the house of an old lady in his neighborhood and kills her with a plastic bag as she watches a videotape of her daughter and her granddaughter. The cheesy, PSYCHO-esque music blasted as he attacked her from behind so that you couldn't see his face, I was psyched. This looked to be a good killer movie.

"The whole concept of The Paperboy is an odd one. It's really about a truly screwed up kid and the evil things he does. This is far more interesting than a normal horror movie, because The Paperboy does not portray characters and situations in the typical black-and-white of horror films; in this respect it surprised me. Should you rent it? If you're not easily disturbed by odd psychological situations, then go for it."

ChucksConnection review: "The Paperboy is a Canadian-made horror film providing us with a new twist on the typical plot formula 'beware of the nice kid next door.'

"There is a lot of craftsmanship used in making the film that allows it to be scary and yet have character development at the same time. Director Douglas Jackson and screenwriter David Peckinpah make Johnny into a complete character by showing us many sides to his personality, not just his ruthlessness, but also his charm, intelligence, and frustration. His ability to improvise, think on the run and manipulate adults provides the storyline with some real suspense and disturbing horror. Marc Marut does an outstanding job of portraying these layers of personality, which range from a likable and engaging wholesomeness to that of a cold-blooded killer. He has a real adolescent sound to his voice which can be ingratiating or grating as his demeanor switches from the likable boy next door to a frustrated psychotic, screeching with rage and anger.

"Alexandra Paul's portrayal of Melissa goes beyond the usual parent-without-a-clue role, as her schoolteacher's past of working with troubled kids in Boston causes her to try to help Johnny instead of just calling the police. And even other conventions, like the nightmare scenes have some unusual twists to them. Although shown in Canadian theaters, The Paperboy was given a direct-to-video release in the United States, which is too bad, because it certainly is a better film then some of the recent horror films that have been released since, and is definitely worth a look on video."

Jason Coffman, Bad Movie Night: "Any movie which features a red-haired little boy banging his head against a wall and saying 'God hates stupid children!' is an instant classic in my book."

Major Cast and Crew Credits and Awards:
Directed by Douglas Jackson (Friday the 13th, Wiseguy, Nowhere in Sight; Oscar Best Live Action Short nomination for Blake).

Written by David Peckinpah (Man of the House, Stroker Ace, Heart Like a Wheel, Farscape and Emmy nom for Beauty and the Beast).

Stars Alexandra Paul (Christine, Dragnet, House of the Damned, Spy Hard, American Flyers and 39 other films and TV projects) and Mark Marut (Road to Avonlea, TekWar, Harrison Bergeron).

Cast includes William Kaat (Carrie, The Greatest American Hero, Jawbreaker, House, Big Wednesday, Twin Falls Idaho and 37 other films and TV projects); Brigid Tierney (Levity, Twist, Rainbow; won 1999 Best Supporting Actress Young Artist Award for Affliction); Frances Bay (Blue Velvet, Happy Gilmore, The Karate Kid, Wild at Heart, The Wedding Planner, The Grifters; won 1997 Gemini Award for Road to Avonlea; 43 other films and TV projects); Krista Errickson (Little Darlings, Jailbait, Mortal Passions) and Barry Flatman (Saw III, Saw II, The Dead Zone, Cruel Intentions 2, Short Circuit 2, Open Season and 50 other films and TV projects).

Executive Producer: Henry Seggerman (Evolver, Progeny, Leprechaun 3, Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway); Jeff Geoffray (Behind the Red Door, Around the World in 80 Days, Shergar and 24 other films and TV projects); Walter Josten (Call of the Wild, Bar Starz; Emmy for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie; 30 other films and TV projects) and Pierre David (Videodrome, Wishmaster, Internal Affairs, Deep Cover, The Brood; 1982 Genie Best Picture Award nomination for Scanners; 82 other films and TV projects).

Producers: Franco Battista (Screamers, The Assignment, Crazy Moon, Decoys; won 1981 Cracow International Film Festival Award for Laugh Lines: A Profile of Kaj Pindal) and Tom Berry (Screamers, The Unsaid, Crazy Moon, Little Men).

Original Music by Milan Kymlicka (won a 1996 Genie Award for Margaret's Museum and nominated for five other awards for works including Babar: The Movie, Mazaný Filip and Matusalem).

Cinematography by Rodney Gibbons (My Bloody Valentine, Relative Fear, Screamers; nominated for 2003 Gemini Award for Silent Night).

Film Editing by Yves Langlois (Highlander III: The Sorcerer, Screamers, Violette Nozičre; won three awards and three other nominations for works including Million Dollar Babies, Nuremberg, Alegría and Lance et Compte; 39 other films and TV projects).

Production Design by Perri Gorrara (Screamers, One Tough Cop, Tangled, Psychic).

Art Direction by Patricia Christie (production designer on Mambo Italiano, Looking for Leonard and The Intruder).

Costume Design by Trixi Rittenhouse (Screamers, Snowboard Academy, Requiem for Murder).

Special Effects Coordinator: Ryal Cosgrove (The Notebook, The Whole Nine Yards, FearDotCom, Head in the Clouds, Brainscan, War and Remembrance, The Reagans and 76 other films and TV projects).

Release Data:
The Paperboy played in Canadian theatres and on video in the U.S. It was also seen in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Argentina.

As of March 19, 2007, according to votes at The Internet Movie Database, males liked The Paperboy more than twice as much as females did.

Hungarian title: "A Halál Házhoz Jön"

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