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Heart of the Earth

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A Spanish Woman and a British one become friends as the arrival of a Cuban anarchist in Rio Tinto, Spain, in 1888, inspires the workers to strike a British mining firm over dangerous air pollution and worker mistreatment.

Genre - Drama

Associate Producer - Walter Josten

Director(s) - Antonio Cuadri

Writer(s) - Doc Comparato and Antonio Cuadri

Cast - Catalina Sandino Moreno, Phillip Winchester, Sienna Guillory and Bernard Hill

Blue Rider's Role - Bridge financier and associate producers

Distributor(s) - OnPictures (Spain), 3L Filmverleih (Germany)

Release Date - 2007

Synopsis - This historical drama is set around the British-owned copper mines of Andalusia's Rio Tinto in 1888 and depicts the friendship of two women, one Spanish and the other British, against the social upheavals of the time. Based on the true story of the arrival of Cuban anarchist Maximiliano Tornet, which resulted in a strike -- the first ecological demonstration in history -- and a massacre.

Blanca Bossa, age 9, and her British friend Kathleen, daughter of the mine's director, witness the horrific living conditions of mine workers, as well as air pollution and acid rain.

People living in the huge area from Seville to Southern Portugal suffer from the toxic fumes the mining produces--as do animals.

Thousands of people from all over the Province of Huelva follow the revolutionary Maximilliano (with whom Blanca's mother falls in love) in the world's first ecological protest march. They peacefully demand better working conditions and the end of toxic gases, which British law had outlawed 30 years before. For economic reasons, the mine management refuses.

Spanish soldiers, sent by the governor who is very loyal to the British mining firm, open fire on the protesters in Riotinto's Plaza.

Decades later, Blanca and Kathleen, along with the mine owner and his bodyguards, attend a memorial ceremony marking the "year of the shots."

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